To celebrate the fact that 3,000 lovely souls are now following me, I’m holding a little drawing giveaway !
Lolita and J-fashion oriented, aka I will happily draw you in your favourite outfit, but of course I could also draw your OTP or even your pet if you wished to.

* Giveaway ends on October 3rd
* Winner will be announced on October 5th
* You must reblog this post at least once to enter. Likes don’t count.
* It would also be lovely if you’d follow me because, after all, this is a giveaway for you guys who bear with me on Tumblr. Also please don’t remove this caption~
* Prize is : one digital coloured drawing with a maximum of 2 characters in it
* One winner will be choosen with a random number generator and contacted via their ask box

In the meantime I have also opened a few commission slots if any of you is interesed~
That’s about it. Lots of love on you and thank you again for your support !